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Mentorship and Teachablity

Posted November 23, 2015 by Heather Hutson

Early on in my personal development, I was taught that humility is teachability. That means to practice humility I must remain teachable.  I must remain open to other ideas and opinions.  Having mentors help me remain teachable. Since 1998, I have learned from Dennis Smith, Steve Heissner, Warren Goodson, Jess Stephens, Kristina Gafanha, Kim Franich,...

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Success, Significance and Selfishness

Posted November 15, 2015 by Heather Hutson

One morning, I was having a conversation with BlackSheep’s owner, Mark.   We were talking about what success looks like. We agreed that success for the two of us meant having freedom that allows us both to be hands on parents.  I am truly grateful to Mark and BlackSheep for that flexibility.  It is the best...

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Suppliers and Partners, Costs and Value

Posted November 11, 2015 by Heather Hutson

Talking to my friend and business mentor on the drive home this afternoon about partnership, he said that a true business partner was one where you cut off an arm and he cuts off a leg and together you hobble down the road to get a sandwich.  Of course that made me laugh, to imagine...

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Urgency in Production

Posted November 1, 2015 by Heather Hutson

A super wise man once wrote “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” He goes on to talk about all the different thing that there is time for. Reaping and sowing, loving and hating, casting away stone, gathering them together. By now, all the Boomers are...

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5 Keys to Video Switching Systems

Posted October 25, 2015 by Heather Hutson

Brief Technical Primer on Video For Live Events Almost all of us have set up our home stereo system. The receiver has inputs on the back for the CD Player, the turntable, the cassette player.  Ok, maybe that was back in the day. A video switching system is similar to a home stereo system. Before...

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3 Key Learnings from DailyBurn365

Posted October 19, 2015 by Heather Hutson

My name is Heather and I have Exercise ADD. When I heard about DailyBurn, I was in. Changing up my workouts every few weeks,  for $8 a month. Sign me up.  I was totally in hog heaven.  For about a year and then… Exercise ADD set in again. Apparently the smart folks at DailyBurn were...

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The Gratitude Show

Posted October 11, 2015 by Heather Hutson

Last week I was on show site.  At 6:30 am on Day One, I asked everyone on headset what they were grateful for that day. Everyone had an answer. Well, everyone but the poor guy that was on his 7th consecutive week on the road and was suffering from a head cold. We gave him a...

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When is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

Posted October 4, 2015 by Heather Hutson

This summer,  I was a conference attendee. The opening ceremony was at the Georgia Dome and had over 60,000 attendees.  Everyone was EXCITED to be there. The atmosphere was electric. The audience spontaneously exploded in joyful cheers as we got closer and closer to the start. The host of this particular convention is  a non...

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Why You Need a Production Team

Posted September 27, 2015 by Heather Hutson

What Do All These Production People Actually DO?! There is a difference between AV and Production.  AV is the equipment and labor necessary for everyone to see and hear the content.  Production are the the professionals necessary to ensure that the show is executed properly.  There are some AV companies who offer production services; they...

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The Art of Customer Service

Posted September 18, 2015 by Heather Hutson

I used to work for the largest audio visual provider in the country.  We all had this swagger that comes from being the top dog.  I hear a lot of sales leaders talk about creating swagger in their sales force. It’s not a bad thing. We should be confident. We need to establish our credibility to...

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